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Exercise: Focusing on the Fitness

by Blake Jessen, PT, DPT on September 6, 2017

It can be one of the toughest things to get started. Beginning a new physical fitness regimen when you aren’t used to exercising can be a challenge. But if you want to focus on fitness and a healthier you – physical activity really is key.

Here are my top six tips for getting – and staying – fit:

1. Consistency is the key. Plan time into every day to exercise. If you struggle to exercise after a long day of work, then plan to wake up 15-30 minutes early to get it done before work. And don’t forget about 15-30 minutes of walking over your lunch hour. Bottom line: If you don’t plan it into your day, it may not happen.

2. Keep it simple. Your exercise program doesn’t need to be difficult. Walking can be done almost anywhere. Just 30 minutes of continuous walking everyday would be ideal, but two 15 minute sessions would work just as well. Build up your walking intensity slowly over time.

3. Don’t forget the weights. Unless we work at building strength, most of us begin to get weaker starting in our 30s. Strength training allows us to maintain and build strength throughout our lifetime. This doesn’t have to be difficult either. Pick 8-10 exercises to perform regularly, and perform half of them one day and half the next. Plan on weight training five or six days a week.

Blake Jessen, PT, MPT, Cert. MDTBlake Jessen, PT, MPT, Cert. MDT

4. Do it with a partner. Like almost everything in life, exercise is more fun and easier to complete when you have someone to do it with. Your partner can also keep you motivated to stay committed. Find someone with similar fitness goals and interests.

5. Don’t forget to eat right. Keeping your body healthy requires fueling it the correct way. Talk to a nutritionist if you have questions, but generally, eating mostly whole foods and avoiding fatty or greasy foods is a good start. Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins is recommended. Processed food should be avoided. Don’t forget to hydrate as well.

6. Talk with your health care provider. Your primary care provider can make great recommendations about how best to begin your quest for a healthier you. Make sure you consult with your physician if you have any questions whether you should start an exercise program.

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Blake Jessen, PT, MPT, Cert. MDT is a physical therapist now seeing patients at
Methodist Physicians Clinic Physical Therapy clinic at HealthWest.
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