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Recipe: Breakfast with Benefits

by admin on February 18, 2015

February is National Cancer Prevention Month… and did you know that foods can be cancer fighters? It’s true! Besides having the usual health benefits, some foods can actually increase your body’s ability to lower your cancer risk.

Flaxseed is one of these awesome foods. It’s high in dietary fiber and is an excellent source of magnesium, manganese and thiamin, and fiber; a good source of selenium; and provides protein and copper, too. Flaxseed is being touted for many health benefits and researchers are studying flaxseed and its oil to find out just how good it can be for you when it comes to fighting cancer.

Foods high in dietary fiber are known to help prevent colorectal cancer, and flaxseed is one. Right now, because of the lignans (phytoestrogens, a plant-based form of estrogen) in flaxseed, researchers are looking at its effects on breast cancer. They are also looking into its impact on prostate cancer risk.

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Questions AnsweredQ. I’ve read about how after bariatric surgery doctors often recommend taking certain vitamins and supplements. Why? I’ve always gotten all the nutrients I need just from eating regular food… why do I need to take more now?

A. It goes without saying that bariatric surgery changes the way your body interacts with food. No matter which type of surgery you choose, you are eating and absorbing fewer calories and nutrients as before. Taking vitamins and supplements are a way to give your body what it needs as you shed unwanted pounds.

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How Strong is Your Core?

Thumbnail image for How Strong is Your Core? February 4, 2015

One of the most popular fitness buzz phrases is CORE STABILITY. Despite many internet articles about core fitness, it’s still a fairly ambiguous term. What is consistent with CORE STABILITY is the idea that you need strength and control through your torso so more complex movements don’t put your spine at risk. Strengthening your core […]

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The 4 Things You Should Know about Drinking after Bariatric Surgery

Thumbnail image for The 4 Things You Should Know about Drinking after Bariatric Surgery January 28, 2015

After bariatric surgery, a lot of the focus is on food. The types of food you should and shouldn’t eat… but what about what you drink? Let’s face it, as adults, many of us enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage. But after weight loss surgery, your body goes through a lot of changes. One of those […]

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Recipe: Chocolate? Yes!

Thumbnail image for Recipe: Chocolate? Yes! January 21, 2015

Believe it or not, these chocolate chip bar cookies are relatively guilt-free. The instant pudding and applesauce completely replace the shortening and help these cookies stay moist and delicious. You can store them in the refrigerator or freezer for a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth without completely blowing your diet. Chocolate Chip Bar […]

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Your Questions Answered: “How can I lose weight and KEEP IT OFF?”

Thumbnail image for Your Questions Answered: “How can I lose weight and KEEP IT OFF?” January 14, 2015

Q. I feel like I’ve been on and off diets my entire life, but any success I have seems to fade. They just aren’t sustainable for me. How can I find out what type of diet is really going to work… and stick? A. When it comes to losing weight, “diets” can be really tough […]

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Exercise: Mother Knows Best

Thumbnail image for Exercise: Mother Knows Best January 7, 2015

During mydays of childhood and adolescence, my mother most often told me to “stand up straight” or “sit up tall.” I’m sure yours did, too. While many of us probably grew tired of hearing these words, our mothers certainly knew best. Training our body to maintain proper posture in sitting and standing protects our spine, reduces […]

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Does Weight Loss Surgery Affect Your Medications?

Thumbnail image for Does Weight Loss Surgery Affect Your Medications? December 24, 2014

Weight loss surgery changes your body’s relationship with the things you eat and drink. It changes how much and how often you can take in food. In some cases, it even changes how it’s digested. So can bariatric surgery also change the way your oral medications and supplements are absorbed? The short answer is both […]

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Recipe: Warm Up with Chili

Thumbnail image for Recipe: Warm Up with Chili December 17, 2014

Baby, it’s COLD outside! When it comes to warming up, nothing quite hits the spot like a piping hot bowl of chili. Beans are good for you. They are packed with protein, good carbohydrates and micronutrients such as fiber and folate. They are also delicious and extremely versatile. They can be the basis for a […]

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Your Questions Answered: “What are my surgical options?”

Thumbnail image for Your Questions Answered: “What are my surgical options?” December 10, 2014

Q. After years of yo-yo dieting, I am sick and tired of the weight battle and the constant knee, hip and joint pains that come with it. I’m exploring my options for bariatric surgical solutions. It seems like there are so many of them. How do I know what’s right for me? A. When it […]

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