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Exercise: It’s Even Better Wet

by Pat Wilson, PT, OCS, CSCS on July 1, 2015

When most people hear “water exercise,” they think of lap swimming. But there are many more opportunities for exercising in water than just swimming, and most health clubs with a pool will offer some opportunities to work out in the water.

Being in water, especially for a person who carries more weight, offers less wear and tear on the your joints. In fact, we unload 90 percent of our body weight when we are in water up to our neck and shoulders.
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Recipe: Beginning the Day Gluten-Free

by admin on June 17, 2015

Pancakes are a staple for any breakfast food-lover. However, if you are following a gluten-free diet, pancakes are definitely off the list. So what can you do if you want to enjoy the fluffy-goodness of breakfast while watching your gluten intake? Enjoy this gluten-free recipe.

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Your Questions Answered: “How Should I Prepare for Surgery?”

Thumbnail image for Your Questions Answered: “How Should I Prepare for Surgery?” June 10, 2015

Q. I’m so excited, my bariatric surgery date is coming up fast. I’m so ready to get my health and my weight under control. And while I’m excited, I’m also nervous. I want to make sure I’m getting off on the right foot. How can I prepare for surgery? A. First of all, congrats on […]

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Exercise: Get Up and MOVE!

June 3, 2015

New research shows sitting for too long can be hazardous to your health. Prolonged sitting puts you at an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and shorter life spans, even if you exercise. So how can you add more movement to your day?

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Why Don’t More Men have Bariatric Surgery?

May 27, 2015

When it comes to obesity and weight issues, men and women are fairly evenly split. There’s a 50-50 percent split in obesity rates among U.S. men and women. However, when it comes to taking action, that’s when the proverbial scales begin to tip. New research shows 80 percent of those seeking bariatric surgery are women […]

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Recipe: Springtime Spice on the Grill

May 20, 2015

Springtime is the perfect time to dust off the grill and take your cooking outdoors. So what can you cook up that’s also healthy for your heart? Pork tenderloin is an extra-lean, heart-healthy protein. In fact, it’s been classified by the American Heart Association’s “Heart-Check Mark.” A three ounce portion of pork tenderloin contains less […]

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Your Questions Answered: Why Doesn’t My Diet Work?

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Q. I’ve dieted for years, and let’s face it… I need to lose a lot of weight. Why doesn’t dieting seem to work for me? I desperately want to get healthy. What can I do to get this weight off? A. They say weight loss is a complex math problem. Burn more calories than you […]

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Exercise: Take Your Workout Sitting Down

Thumbnail image for Exercise: Take Your Workout Sitting Down May 6, 2015

Have you ever paused to think about how much sitting we do during a given day? I am sitting right now because I am writing this blog and my office doesn’t have a standing desk. Just think about how much we sit throughout our day. Statistics on the average American reveal some interesting (but not […]

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Make Your Diet Farmer’s Market Fresh

Thumbnail image for Make Your Diet Farmer’s Market Fresh April 29, 2015

It’s that time of year when farmers markets are starting, which means you can choose from a larger variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Produce is fresher at local farmer’s markets because it is picked right before the market and transported a shorter distance. This means it has great flavor and may even improve your […]

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Bariatric Surgery Provides Better Knee and Hip Replacement Outcomes

Thumbnail image for Bariatric Surgery Provides Better Knee and Hip Replacement Outcomes April 22, 2015

I have written many times about the positive effects bariatric surgery can provide: everything from reducing cancer risk to diabetes remission and even reduces the risk of some forms of cancer. For those who have chronic pain from knee and hip arthritis, the benefits are just as great. Obesity is a major risk factor for […]

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