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Recipe: A Low-Cal Fiesta of Flavor

by admin on April 15, 2015

Cinco de Mayo celebrations are right around the corner, and watching your weight doesn’t have to mean missing out on the flavorful fun.

Shrimp are loaded with protein, vitamin D, vitamin B3 and zinc, making them an excellent, carbohydrate-free food for anyone looking to drop pounds. Pairing them with fresh zucchini and salsa spices them up for a festive fiesta dish – even for those who are gluten-free!

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Your Questions Answered: Is Surgery a Guarantee?

by Dr. Daniel Cronk on April 8, 2015

Questions AnsweredQ. I’ve been dieting for what seems like forever, losing weight only to gain it all back again. I’m looking at bariatric surgery as a sure-fire way to take off the weight and keep it off. It’s guaranteed to work, right?

A. No medical treatment or operation is 100 percent guaranteed to work.  This includes bariatric surgery.  However, countless medical studies have demonstrated that bariatric surgery by far is the most effective therapy for people how are seriously obese.  The key is to remember that bariatric surgery is an extremely powerful tool, but is up to each individual to use that tool to the best of their ability.

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Exercise: Have a Ball with Exercise

April 1, 2015
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Using an exercise ball can be a great way to introduce some fun and variety to your normal exercise routine. There are many benefits to using a ball, including improving posture, core strength and control, building abdominal and back strength, and improving balance and stability. Before you start, make sure you find a good ball […]

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Choose Your Fats Wisely

Thumbnail image for Choose Your Fats Wisely March 25, 2015

Heart disease and stroke are the number one cause of death and disability for those with Type II diabetes. Eating a diet low in saturated and trans fats, and rich in the healthier fats (ex: walnuts, olives, avocadoes, olive oil and canola oil) is important for a healthy heart, as well as great for weight […]

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Recipe: Stay Healthy with Stir-Fry

Thumbnail image for Recipe: Stay Healthy with Stir-Fry March 18, 2015

Stir-frying vegetables is a quick and easy way to cook without zapping the vibrant color and healthful nutrients veggies contain. It’s also delicious! Broccoli, pork and cashews combine for a healthy meal, and serving it over brown rice offers a healthy boost of fiber. Get out your wok or skillet and start stirring up a […]

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Exercise: It Does a Body (and Your Brain) Good

Thumbnail image for Exercise: It Does a Body (and Your Brain) Good March 4, 2015

As we all rely so much more on our computers, tablets and smartphones, let’s face it. Our generation is a lot less physical than we used to be.  The effect on our bodies is clear: Less activity = poorer health. But what is this inactivity doing to our brain? In his book, Spark: The Revolutionary […]

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Better Labels Means Opportunity for Better Choices

February 25, 2015

Coming in 2015, big changes to your food’s nutrition label and in the restaurants where you eat. The FDA is rolling out a new look that will help draw more attention to your food’s calorie count. The new label features a bigger, bolder look when it comes to calories, and also helps clear up some […]

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Recipe: Breakfast with Benefits

Thumbnail image for Recipe: Breakfast with Benefits February 18, 2015

February is National Cancer Prevention Month… and did you know that foods can be cancer fighters? It’s true! Besides having the usual health benefits, some foods can actually increase your body’s ability to lower your cancer risk. Flaxseed is one of these awesome foods. It’s high in dietary fiber and is an excellent source of […]

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Your Questions Answered: “Do I really need to take supplements after weight loss surgery?

Thumbnail image for Your Questions Answered: “Do I really need to take supplements after weight loss surgery? February 11, 2015

Q. I’ve read about how after bariatric surgery doctors often recommend taking certain vitamins and supplements. Why? I’ve always gotten all the nutrients I need just from eating regular food… why do I need to take more now? A. It goes without saying that bariatric surgery changes the way your body interacts with food. No […]

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How Strong is Your Core?

Thumbnail image for How Strong is Your Core? February 4, 2015

One of the most popular fitness buzz phrases is CORE STABILITY. Despite many internet articles about core fitness, it’s still a fairly ambiguous term. What is consistent with CORE STABILITY is the idea that you need strength and control through your torso so more complex movements don’t put your spine at risk. Strengthening your core […]

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